Editing My Essay – Essay Example

In 300 words or less, describe why you have chosen health sciences as a career and how you will contribute to the profession
My passion to pursue a career in health science began since my childhood days, almost all careers in the field of health science have always fascinated me making it difficult to choose one. The first encounter I had with a health setting was in high school through a volunteer program, I was more interested in occupational/physical therapy. In college, I decide to take an occupational therapy course that was being offered in order to acquaint myself with knowledge about the profession to help me decide which field of occupational therapy I would specialize in. Due to my desire to become an outstanding occupational therapist, I volunteered at the Wake Forest Camp Rehab Centre where I gained more knowledge and experience in occupational therapy to help me pursue a master’s degree in occupational therapy. My character as a kindhearted person, which I inherited from my mother who has been a nurse for 15 years, is a desirable trait in this profession and determines success of a career in occupational therapy.
My desire to make a change in people’s life has been fuelled by my compassionate nature toward occupational therapy patients who need to be cared for with a lot of patient and humility. For instance, some occupational therapists just spend 15minutes with a patient then they are in a hurry to discharge him (Kramer and Hinojosa 65). This is wrong for an occupational therapist who is required to spend more time with the patients especially if they had booked an appointment or there is no queue of other patients waiting to be treated, patients should be treated warmly to ensure they are contented with treatment after visiting an occupational therapist.
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