Journal #2 – Essay Example

Journal response-WEB Du Bois 4/12 The maintains a clear stand I explaining W.E.B Du Bois from his birthplace to his humble beginnings as an activist. He began to work at a tender age to support his family. Throughout his life there was radical racism against the black race. It is an interesting story since it gives the reader an opportunity to understand the hardships that the black race went through in the United States. It is obvious that on page 883 that du bois is determined to rally the black race against oppression.
On the story about Du Bois, the author gives a highlight of the forethought of the souls of the black folk. In the forethought on page 885, the first paragraph, Du Bois introduces the book and himself. The then develops the grand assertion on racism. He ends with an afterthought informing the reader not to let the information fall on deaf ears. Clearly, he is inciting the black race to stand for its rights.
Theodore Dreiser
From page 927- 929, the book focuses on Theodore Dreiser’s life. It develops a biography from birth to most of his famous writings as a journalist. The summary of his life defines his life as his relations with family members and the whole society. The book portrays Dreiser as one of the most prolific writers of his time. The book explains that Dreiser had an interest in human behavior and motives. This informed the writing of this book, from Sister Carrie.
The book details three chapters of the book from page 929-943. An interesting fact about the story is because we do not know much about Carries identity; our first dint of her is made not by her opinions or actions but by her possessions. Dreisers describes her ends with the meticulous quantity of money she has.
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