Profile – Essay Example

Personality Profile: Gary Desir Gary Desir is not your typical college He may sport as a typical but there is more than him that meets the eye. He may frequent the club as any young man his age or immersed in movies and music as anybody would do, but that is not all him.
He may look like a social butterfly but he knows his priority – to get an International Business Degree from Johnson and Wales University. H ecould play tought being a football player, but he is more than the sport. He does all this and having fun because he wants to make the most out of life but he does not lose sight of his goal. As he said “eyes on the price” meaning not to forget the degree even if he indulges with what life can offer.
He may look like indulgent but that does not scratch the surface. Even as he enjoy life and enrolled in one of the prestigious universities in the country, He is actually a grateful man. He knows and he does not forget that he is lucky to have the life that he has. He is no stranger to struggles because his father came from Haiti who experienced hardship but made it in life. He is thankful for his father for making his life better and intends to make it better by getting a degree and becoming a successful entrepreneur someday.