Public Affair Class Summary #8 – Essay Example

Midterm Political Ads That Worked, and Why Advertising yourself in a political campaign is important because it connectsyou with the electorates. One of the recent best ways of advertising is through ads. But the outcome will depend on how your message connects to the electorate and how you framed the opponent. An example is that, Mrs. Ernst and Mr. Roberts used the ads in their campaigns, the ads convened a lot of messages that later defined the campaign.
The Cost of Campaigns
There have been numerous debates on the cost of running campaigns and how political parties should get funded. A lot of these questions were raised after the Watergate scandal, in which it is believed corrupt money managed to drive President Nixon into power. If campaign funding is not regulated, large corporation will pour money into campaigns so that they will have a say in government hence taking most of the government jobs, this will then disadvantages those who cannot afford to raise the funds.
Agenda-Setting, Priming, and framing Revisited: Another look at Cognitive Effects of Political Communication.
Original formulation of agenda setting hypothesis was phrased more like a speculative idea, to construct a more comprehensive theoretical model, Weaver, McCombs, and Shaw suggested that priming and framing should be seen as natural extension of agenda setting. The three, priming, framing, and agenda setting, was combined into a single theoretical framework, this was based on assumption that when theory is integrated, it will become desirable.
Are Super PACs Harming U.S. Politics?
PAC gained popularity in U.S after a Supreme Court ruling that government should not prohibit independent spending by corporations and unions for political gains. Another ruling from the federal court that involve a case between v. Federal Election Commission, was that no limit should be put on contributors who are funding groups that carry out independent expenditures. PAC is now running campaigns that support certain candidates and campaigns are running into billions of dollars. Opponents of PAC argue that a lot of money is spending on campaigns while proponents argue that free speech is protected by the law.
Chapter 10
The current democratic governments have certain laws that can differentiate between appropriate and inappropriate public relation activities. Even with that, it is still hard to draw a line between appropriate communications and odious propaganda. People who engage in public relations exercise should always be aware of dangers that will result from crossing the line. In U.S government, there are several legal prohibitions and related political norms found in the constitution that guides the citizens who may not be in the federal level on what to look after and consider in government.
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