Reading Journal About The Woman Warrior: No Name Woman And White Tigers – Essay Example

The Woman Warrior: "No Woman" and "White Tigers The book, The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts,by Hong Kingston is divided into several sections with each section have uniques essays including ‘White Tigers’, ‘No Name Woman’, ‘At the Western Palace’, ‘Shaman’, and ‘A Song for a Barbarian Reed Pipe.’ Every essay gives some account of the author’s, Hong Kingston, experiences as he grew up in America as a Chinese America. This journal reading focuses on two of the essays, ‘White Tigers’, and ‘No Name Woman’
In the first essay, ‘No Name Woman,’ the author offers an account of her mother who took her own life back in China. She puts herself in her aunt’s shoes and ponders on the idea of how life was like for her aunt who is unknown and unnamed. The author imagines why the villagers behaved in the way they did and the different reasons as to why they acted so. It is so intriguing how the author put herself in her aunt’s shoes and imaged her different possible scenarios (Hong Kingston 13-19).
In the second essay, ‘White Tigers’, the author gives Chinese talk story, which is somewhat mythological, legendary, and fork tale of some sort. It gives account of some famous women who did great, famous things and saved their countries. She gives an analogy of her aspirations of being like one of the great women she talks about in the stories, being chosen for greatness. She also tries to picture how oppressive the world could be in comparison to the aspirations of greatness and glory (Hong Kingston 29-37).
Discussion Questions
1. What place does women have in traditional Chinese Society?
2. What are some of the difficulties of young woman growing up as a Chinese-American?
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