Skill Builder #10-2 – Essay Example

Skill Builder Skill Builder William Sagner 2. William Sagner is 44, is my coworker, smokes in my presence, he does notunderstand my health situation and the impact his smoking has on my breathing and feelings
3. The possible reaction to the situation is a resistance to my concerns due to the lack of a no smoking signs at our workplace and there are no designated positions for smoking.
4. I will explain my health situation to Sagner that makes me breathless when the air is not fresh is affected by smoke as a measure of overcoming his resistance so that he understands me well
5. BCF statement
I have a problem when you come to my workstation while smoking. Cigarettes smoke makes me nauseous and causes breathing difficulty making me irritated and uncomfortable while you are smoking.
Describing a conflict in terms of behavior, consequences, and feelings has enabled me to learn that it is important to maintain ownership of the problem, ensuring that we are in agreement of the conflict, and being in a position to agree on a change without affecting relationships (Lussier & Achua, 2004). The other lesson is that there is a need to have skills in requesting a person to aid in problem solving aiding in the reduction of conflict and defensiveness increasing the possibility of reaching an amicable solution. In a BCF statement not making judgments on a person’s behavior, not blaming another party for a wrong, and not threatening the other party of consequences improve conflict resolution are the other lessons from the exercise (Lussier & Achua, 2004).
I will use this knowledge in future in presenting conflicts to people under different circumstances in a manner that reduces their defensiveness and augments the chances of conflict resolution. The knowledge will also enable me to understand the benefit of owning up a problem in a conflict situation and will guide me in requesting for assistance in solving a problem in a clear and concise manner without affecting relationships negatively (Lussier & Achua, 2004).
Lussier, R. N., & Achua, C. F. (2004). Leadership: Theory, application, skill development. Mason, Ohio?: Thomson/South-Western.