TOPIC: The Book Name Is Writing Today Second Edition (RICHARD J OHNSON- SHEEHAN CHARLES PAINE ) – Essay Example

Chapter Seven Reflection – Writing Today by Richard Johnson-Sheehan Richard Johnson in chapter seven - literary analysis, shows how literary analysis works. To deduce the inner meaning of literary works, it is important to develop utter concentration to identify some information that may appear insignificant yet they contain vital information in analyzing the text. Herein is an analysis of chapter seven of Richard Johnson’s text, Writing today, indicating the major issues in this chapter.
In this chapter, Johnson puts it clearly that it is important to conduct a self-audit to become aware of one’s analyzing capabilities. To become aware of one’s potentiality to critically analyze a literary work, one needs to do so much practice by trying to analyze and to critique as many literary works as possible (Johnson-Sheehan 53). To become a good analyst, one must start by organizing and drafting his or her capabilities to make it easy to improve on the areas that an individual has some difficulty. In this chapter, Johnson recommends that a person needs to practice by reading books and attempting more questions in areas that a person has some difficulty to handle. This chapter also recommends that a person develops his analysis styles following various ways to offer a wider perspective of analyzing literary materials.
Chapter seven of this book recommends that a person should be able to revise and edit his analysis skills. This means that, an individual needs to be dynamic in the way he tackles literary problems. It is helpful to try different ways of analyzing a text or movie. To attain this, Johnson indicate that a person may approach different texts using different questions and ideas.
To attain success, teachers and students need be critical analyzers of any literary material that they encounter. To attain this, it is important to think out of the ordinary by developing questions in the text and coming up with viable answers from the literary material.
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