Written Assignment On A Case Study-Rangan, V. K., & Yong, S. (2011, November 30). Soren Chemical: – Essay Example

Coracle Marketing al affiliation Coracle Marketing Soren chemical deals with water purification and swimming pool cleaning. Theyhave a new product Coracle that they have introduced to the market. Their initial product, Kailan MW performed so well, and they required something that was specific to small pools. It called for the introduction of Coracle washing chemical. However, they had a poor get-to-market strategy that dealt them a blow in terms of sales. Their distribution strategy was the business to business model. It meant that they had no direct access to the consumer. The main distribution channel partners were the wholesalers and retailers. The wholesalers would buy and sell to the retailers who had direct access to the consumer. However, a few chemical companies could sell directly to Wal-Mart, but it was expensive for small chemical companies.
The packaging needs to be up to standard and have it as a product of its own. The marketing strategy should change and target the consumer and not the wholesaler. Therefore, the distribution channel should change at least in the first few months. Getting directly to consumers will help in getting substantial feedback. We get from wholesalers and retailers may be altered to cater for their interests. As wholesalers care more about their margins, a direct consumer can advise on how the product should be adjusted to fit his or her needs. It would give a direct basis of the alteration of the products chemical composition to fit the customer need. It eases marketing costs.
While launching a product, it is fundamental to reach the actual consumer since they offer information on how improvements should happen. The supplier scorecard is a powerful tool for customers to give feedback and make manufacturer improve over time (Hill, 2012).
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