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The paper 'The Marketing Mix of Robins Coffee Cafe " is a great example of a marketing case study.   Robins Coffee Café is an uptown coffee and fast foods retail establishment located in Southwest Sydney. RCCestablishment features a coffee shop with expansive space expects to catch the interest of our customer base with an extreme variety of coffee and pastries products. RCC aims to offer its products at a competitive price to meet the demand of the middle-to higher-income local market area residents and tourists. The Company Robins coffee café is a business organization with extensive experience in sales, marketing, management and customer relation.

RCC is owned and operated by Robins business group of companies. The executive officer Mr Robins Woodland runs the company with his broad advantage in management and customer service experience. The company millennium plan is to create a strong and reliable market position around the city relying on the company’ s competitive experience. 1.2 Mission To provide tastiest and premium coffee to the residents of Sydney in a luxurious and relaxing atmosphere 1.3 Company’ s Objective To provide a full range of coffee, espresso and pastries around the city and other adjacent towns throughout the financial year. To increase and maintain regular customers. To increase our yearly sales from the current $952,370 to over $1m. 2.0 Products and Services R. C.C offers a broad range of quality coffee, espresso, own baked pastries products, our coffee is from high-quality Columbian has grown imported coffee beans.

Our freshly prepared bakery and pastry products are provided at all times during business operations. We also offer gift baskets and bouquets as suitable souvenirs for our tourist customers. 2.1 Product Description We at robins coffee café we brew different types of coffee to satisfy our coffee lovers.

RCC menu pride on espresso coffee drinks such as skimmed coffee, mochas, cappuccinos, and latté s. the espresso-based drinks are offered with whole, skimmed, soy milk and are properly prepared with techniques that are paramount importance to our coffee drinks. Our freshly baked pastries range from croissants, cakes, scones, muffins and cookies that our bakers prepare to complement our beverages, thus offering our customers a quality treat. RCC gift baskets and bouquets are prepared and developed by our skilled team and they are custom made upon orders from our clients and as souvenirs. they also come in different designs and colors. 2.2 Pricing Policy At robins coffee café we ensure our customers pay a premium price for our quality products and services.

Our Price Policy is one in which all customers are charged the same price for all the competitive goods and services offered (Terrill & Middlebrooks, 1999). Our Policy states that any of the products you buy at our store is non-negotiable or can only be bought at a fixed price, like a cup of cappuccino. 3.0  Market outcomes The retail coffee industry in Australia has recently experienced rapid growth.

Due to the cool climate in southwest Sydney and the country has a very sophisticated coffee culture which triggers consumption of hot beverage throughout the year. RCC wants to establish a broad regular base of customers, and therefore concentrate its marketing mostly on the local, who are the main target market. Thus establishing healthy, consistent revenue that ensures the stability of the business (Baker, 2000).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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