Essays on Establishing a New Market to Expand a Beer Products Case Study

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The paper "Establishing a New Market to Expand a Beer Products" is an excellent example of a case study on marketing. It is apparent that beer products have been there and have been brewed for numerous decades. Contemporary society, however, has modified early modes of brewing due to technological growth (Van and Nico 22-23). There has also been a noted increase in beer brands currently. The present society is characterized by brewing industries that produce beer products both for local consumption and for exports. Generally, this has been enabled by globalization which has brought with it increased competition both within and outside in almost all industries.

The need for seeking a global market is therefore important as it is assisting industries to meet their set goals and objectives. Such objectives include increasing sales which as a result leads to increased revenues and profit margins. According to research, different countries are ranked different as far as beer consumption is concerned (Van, and Nico 22-23). Statistics have revealed that Germans are the most beer drinkers and comparing this to per capital income; they consume the most beer per person every year.

This may be linked to cultural beliefs and a lack of regulations to control beer consumption (Van and Nico 22-23). Furthermore, children start drinking as young as fourteen years old. The United States on the other hand rank fourteenth globally with the American breweries producing around 157,000 million barrels of beer each year (O’ Malley and Wagenaar, pp 450). Other countries such as the United Kingdom and France also rank high in terms of per capital as far as beer consumption is concerned.

This report seeks to establish a new market to expand a company’ s products which have now saturated in the domestic market (Anderson, and Coughlan, par 71-82). In this case, the chosen market in France, with which we would market the product internationally. The beer market consists of the sale of ales, stouts and bitters, low/no alcohol beers, specialty beers, premium lager, and standard lager. The report will include the macro environment, target market, objectives, legal, cultural and competitive factors, and financial considerations; assessment and selection of the market entry strategies and recommendation to the senior management on the best entry mode.

The significance of this report is that it will enable the company’ s management to have adequate knowledge regarding the target market and the competitors, and thus they will be able to choose the best strategies which will help the company outdo its competitors and emerge successful in the new market. As such, the company will be able to meet its set goals and objectives. The company produces and markets beer products such as stouts and bitters, standard lager, specialty beers, low and no alcohol beer, ales, and premium beer.

It has been marketing its products locally and the local market is now considered saturated.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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