Essays on Establishment of a Small Proprietary Limited Company: Case of Hot and Cold Drink Shop Case Study

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The paper "Establishment of a Small Proprietary Limited Company: Case of Hot and Cold Drink Shop" is a perfect example of a case study on marketing. Business-Main Goals: The main goal is the establishment of a small (proprietary limited) company that would have a flagship coffee shop near the London Tower. The location for the shop has been finalized already. The shop would cater to tourists and people from London looking for a nice cup of drink, in the summers or the winters within a reasonable price range. The owner plans to begin by employing five people full-time (two people waiting tables, one of the cash register, and two in the kitchen).

The business intends to generate sales revenues of about $1, 00, 000 and to make a profit of $5000 by the end of its first year of trading. Feel the Chill “ Feel the chill” is going to be a wholly-owned cold and hot drink shop, the first in a line of other prospective shops. It would serve hot drinks in the winters and cool drinks including beer in the summer months.

The location of the shop is to be near the London Tower. The shop would have a seating capacity of about 50 patrons at any given point in time. The principle competition that it would face would come from other existing shops within the 5km radius of the London Tower that serve similar clientele including primary tourists. This is correct given the fact that all these shops operate keeping in mind a similar if not the same marketing segments. The advantage that this shop would have at the very beginning would be in terms of its location.

The greatest problem it would face is that as a brand it is not unique nor is it discernible from other brands that are selling the same product, the coffee shop experience. A situational analysis of the coffee shop experience that “ Feel the Chill” aims to sell would show a number of correlated variables that assume importance simultaneously (Reuters, 2007). These include the sale of the products on the menu, targeting the audience through appropriate channels, coming up with incentives other than just the drinks being served to attract the crowd.

These are factors that are essentially not in control of the coffee shop audience. The idea would essentially be aimed at the creation of a more personalized experience. Mission Statement: Feel the Chill is going to be a business that would provide a warm environment for tourists and college going students to rest their laurels. The company intends to become one of the best coffee/snack shops in London backed by good quality products at decent prices. We would want to be known as an organization that emphasizes honesty, accuracy, and objectivity with taste and innovation in product offerings.

We would value our consumers and provide tailor-made products that would be the need of the hour.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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