Essays on Ethical Challenge for HRM Professionals Assignment

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The paper "Ethical Challenge for HRM Professionals" is a great example of a management assignment.   According to Duska (2007), business ethics does not only mean the administrative rule and regulations that every business should adhere to but it is more than that as business needs ethics in order to survive in the industry. Business ethics is important as it helps people to be accountable for their own actions for example in the above study, the CEO was wrong for not allowing managers to conduct a performance review of the long-time employees. This act showed that the CEO wanted to meet his social duty not for the entire business but for its employees and customers.

The key issues in the above case include recruiting only family members in the executive committee. When the company decided to recruit Frank, as a chief financial officer, some of the family members were against him being in the position as; they felt that having someone outside the family background would be against the company culture. Some of the major issues in business include fairness and honesty.

This is because managers have to make complex decisions which will not hurt the business or its members. Jones and Parker et al. (2005) describes that  as ethics include moral issues in business, making negative decisions which have negative effects such as downsizing need to be left o strong people. This position tests one’ s beliefs and values. In the case above, Frank had to make moral decisions in order to keep his values as a strong person chosen to make a decision on who to lay-off. Machan (2007) shows business performs according to its moral guidelines and principles used by the managers.

These principles have to be essential and fair to all for example in the study the CEO is not fair to all by carrying out performance review on some employees and leaving others since they were there at the beginning of the company. It is not also a practice of fairness to lay-off the three employees without analysing their work as one could be laying off people who are making the company survive.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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