Essays on Ethical Issues of Global Marketing Assignment

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The paper "Ethical Issues of Global Marketing" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. A product is any concept within a business or organization that is given to a market of individuals or customers. A product includes not only the basic product and design but also incorporates add ons and services that come as a part of the product, such as customer relations. With this, are benefits that are a part of the product and needs that are fulfilled by having the product available to the public.

This moves into marketing concepts that represent the product as well. More then this, the product includes the big picture of the business, such as the brand name. The definition of product management ethics is anything that relates to the product being sold and the ethics and values that are a part of the product. Within the field of product management, is the concept of how products should be handled when they are given to customers. This includes concepts on how materials should be presented to the public, as well as representations of ideas and moral values that are a part of the product.

This also includes ideals towards marketing concepts that are a part of the product management. This makes a difference in the cultural and social responses that individuals have. The main problem with product ethics is the response that customers have when seeing a product and the values behind it. For instance, if there is a product on selling a toy, the marketing, branding, and concepts behind it should have ethical values that link to the age group and that work as a model for what is acceptable and what is not within a specific product.

Another example is if there is a problem with a product that relates to the environment. The product manager is responsible for thinking ethically about this concept while changing the approach towards the product, such as making the product environmentally friendly and letting customers know about the change in the product (Murphy, Patrick, et al, 2004). Not only does a product include these potential dangers, but it also moves into more specific dangers with the product, from the core of the product.

For instance, if a product is not safe for an age group, such as containing sharp edges, then it is also considered a move against ethical considerations. This is noted because the target market is put into harm's way and danger, without the organization being cognizant of the potential harm of the product, as well as the responsibilities that are a part of this. A third problem noted with products is with liability. For instance, if a product does not work when a customer buys it, the company is liable for that product.

If the product is defective in it's functioning, or moves towards harm that does not carry a warning, then the product moves against ethical values. This particular problem with product ethics is considered illegal because of communication difficulties (Borgerson, 2002).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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