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IntroductionIn this era of stiff competition many organization fortifies every sector through strategic planning and maintaining a competitive advantage in all areas. In this paper Emirates airline and the British Airways have been pitted against each other in terms of code of ethics, vision, mission, corporate responsibility programs, environmental sustainability projects, human resource policies and relation with labor unions (Werner et al. , 2008). Code of ethicsBritish AirwaysThe British Airways code of conduct is applicable to all employees, officers and the directors of company and its subsidiary companies. The term employee is utilized throughout to refer to employees, directors and officers within the company.

At British Airways conflict of interest happens when the private interest of an individual gets into the way of the company. It is a requirement that employees should not leave unresolved the conflict of interest unless it is approved by the company. Employees should never attempt to take advantage of their position in the company to get any personal benefit for their families, themselves, or for any other person which is improper. Any employee who is aware of conflict of interest or anticipates development of a conflict is needed to deliberate the issue with the Company Secretary in good time.

Cassani and Kemp, (2003) note that employees are required to have the interest of the Company at heart. Employees are not allowed to undertake a business venture that has been brought to fore by using corporate property, position, information, unless the Company the Company has turned down the opportunity after being offered. The employees are not allowed to use the property of the Company for personal gain. In the day to day carrying out of the company’s responsibilities employees will most of the time come to learn confidential or proprietary information about the Company, its suppliers, customer, or perhaps joint venture parties.

Employees are supposed to observe confidentiality at all times of all information in their possession. Each employee has to deal in fair dealing and should not engage in unethical or illegal business practices. No one should take advantage of the other by means of concealment, manipulation, misrepresentation of fact, or abusing privileged information. The employees should all protect the assets of the company and use them efficiently.

Employees have to adhere to regulations, rules and laws that are applied in the Company. The Company Secretary is responsible for applying the laid down policies to particular situations in which questions may arise and is entitled to interpret the policies in any specific situation. Any employee who is unsure of the policies is required to seek clarification from the Company secretary. Any breach of the laid down ethics realized by the employee should be notified in accordance with British Airways Standing Instruction.

Fly emiratesIn the company the managers lay more emphasis in the ethical aspects of the company. The believe that ethics provide a platform of determining in a particular action is bad or good morally; make it a priority of the company to develop ethical moral values, standards and perspectives. The company ensures the highest ethical standard maintenance of the work performed. Compliance with the need of this code is deemed an employment precondition as the company looks forward to its employees to take their responsibilities to the greatest professional and ethical levels.

The essence of announcing the code Professional Ethics is to avail a general instructions guideline that help employees in performing their tasks and attaining the greatest level of required personal professionalism and honesty.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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