Essays on The Different Approaches to Management Used within Siemens and a Different Organization Case Study

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The paper "The Different Approaches to Management Used within Siemens and a Different Organization" is a worthy example of a case study on management. Mobile phone companies have been on the rise over the past couple of decades. One of the most common companies in Siemens and the company has been on the rise in a manner that it has threatened other companies in the industry. The management strategy incorporated by the company has had to compete effectively against other companies such as Motorola.   As opposed to Motorola, Siemens has incorporated all four processes of management.

One of the models incorporated by the company is introducing the human relations model. This model involves the company looking out for both the human resource and the customers. The company does this by the creation of forums where it offers human resources with advice on how to improve their careers (Samuels, 2013). A company such as Motorola does not have such a forum and thus the reason why it does not succeed as well as Siemens. The rational model is another strategy introduced by the company.

Through this model, the company has held important meetings where it identifies its weaknesses and then proceeds to go through the planning process in order to eliminate the problem. This is done communally and is different when compared to the manner in which Motorola handles its problems where it is the C. E.O who has the responsibility of resolving the problems. Open systems involve Siemens relating effectively with the outside environment, commonly the customers where it associates and seeks to understand their views on the company’ s gadgets (Samuels, 2013).

This is effective for the company gets to understand the needs of the customers that are different from Motorola that does not bother understanding the needs of the customers as much. The internal systems of the company are other factors to review where there is an effective communication process between different levels of management within the Siemens organization. However, Motorola does not have an elaborate communication system where it thus becomes difficult for important information to reach the target departments.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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