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The paper 'Vantage from Epicore, NAV from Microsoft" is a good example of a management case study. In order to overcome the difficulties BITA is facing in managing its operations, the XMP systems the firm is using at the moment must be replaced with an ERP system which is anticipated to be more effective than XMP. The new system is expected to have unique capabilities in finance, inventory management, customer relationship management, management and E-Commerce support. BITA has been advised by the parent company in Germany to compare the products from three different firms to evaluate their effectiveness in meeting both the requirements of BITA and the value of money on their price tags.

The products to be evaluated are Vantage from Epicore, Ax from Microsoft and Nav also from Microsoft. The products will be evaluated on the basis of the list of essential and desirable features that have been developed by BITA. Vantage from Epicore Vantage ERP is an integrated software solution for identifying and planning the entire enterprise resources that firms need to capture, produce, transport and account for clients’ orders.

It has a distributed common database that offers the ability to access the appropriate information, from the right source and therefore empowers the users throughout the entire supply chain to make reasonable decisions. Vantage meets the users’ requirements in the following areas: Analytics and Reporting In terms of financial management, vantage offers manufacturers the tools required to create value through monitoring financial situations and reasonable decision making. Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Currency administration, Accounts Payable, Fixed Assets and General Ledger assist the users in monitoring and management of invoices, payments, asset management, and payroll and benefits to lower costs so as to minimize the level of cash flow.

Accounts Receivable enables the user to bill the customers as orders are shipped and then follow up payments as they are received.  

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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