Essays on Evaluating Causal Reasoning in Health Sciences Essay

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The paper "Evaluating Causal Reasoning in Health Sciences" is an outstanding example of an essay on health sciences and medicine. Transcendental meditation causes peace as proven when the crime rate rose after the Maharishi’ s School of Natural Law shifted from Washington to Iowa in 1987. Nevertheless, the proof is weak since there is no alternative causal hypothesis that has been shown. The identified error is the single cause error. What shows that the evidence is weak is the assumption that transcended alone can cause peace. Perhaps there exist other causes of peace (Govier 304). Bisphenol A causes human disease, and reduction of human contact to it can reduce diseases.

This was verified by a research that was conducted using the 60-year-old American males who had the highest quantity of bisphenol A in their urine. 45percent of the males had a higher possibility of getting cardiovascular illness compared to men of the same age with lesser contact to the plastic compound. The error that has been committed is post hoc. This is because it was assumed that cardiovascular disease was caused after the exposure to the bisphenol A.

Exposure to the compound is not the only source of cardiovascular illness. More experiments were necessary before establishing the cause (Govier 304). Regular hugs, cause improved health as proven by the outcome of the research that was done by comparing the Canadians who got hugs frequently with the ones who did not get hugs. Those who got hugs regularly were twice likely to say their psychological health had upgraded than those who hug irregularly. Nevertheless, the proof of the causal claim is weak because of the error committed by the writer.

The writer committed a single cause error. There could be more causes for improved mental health apart from hugs. The writer has neglected the likelihood that other factors can result in improved mental health (Govier 304).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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