Essays on Evaluating Impacts of Different Promotion Methods on Increasing Sales in Alounak Restaurant Research Proposal

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The paper "Evaluating Impacts of Different Promotion Methods on Increasing Sales in Alounak Restaurant " is a great example of a marketing research proposal.   Promotion strategies have been adopted by both small and big organization in order to increase their market share, increase sales, provide customers with relevant information about a product or service, differentiate their products and services, and stabilize sales as well as accentuate the value of products (Nielsen, 2012). All these are done in order for these businesses to remain competitive and relevant in this competitive market.

It is wise to first define what promotion is, scholars have thought it as the act to inform, persuade as well as influence the decisions made by consumers. As such different studies have been carried out by different scholars with regards to the use of different promotion methods used by businesses. In all these studies emphasize have been put on the general function of promotion and the advantages as well as drawbacks of these methods (Rajagopal, 2007). However, to the best of my knowledge, none has been done to establish the effectiveness or impacts of the varied promotion methods in increasing sales of any organization.

Additionally, businesses have not to be offered scientifically proven combination of promotion strategies that yield the highest sales volumes. It is against these backgrounds that the study is drawn. 1.2 Alounak Restaurant The chosen company is Alounak Restaurant in Iran. It is worth noting that the restaurant has branches in other parts of the world especially in the Middle East and Europe. It is a restaurant of its own kind since it serves Halal dishes. Visitors, as well as locals, get to feel the test of Iranian food.

Interestingly the restaurant has been known to offer and serve food at reasonable prices while the atmosphere is authentic (Alounak Restaurant, 2011). Another issue about the restaurant that makes it unique is the concept of bringing your own. This means that one can come to the restaurant with his own drink without being charged or denied entry with such drinks. The restaurant does not serve alcohol hence they are more than happy when a customer walks in with his or her own drink be it wine or alcohol.

Additionally, Alounak Restaurant offers to take away services which suit those who are travelling and wish to have a taste of Iranian food. 1.3 Rationale for selecting Alounak Restaurant There are a number of reasons that led me to choose Alounak Restaurant for the purposes of this study. First, it is a small company hence the available data will not be too huge and complex hence making data handling, analysis and presentation less complex. Similarly, it will be easier to get the relevant data with ease since I will not have to go through the various hierarchical channels.

Another rationale for choosing this company is because am an employee of the firm and as such, I have noticed that the firm has not yet found a perfect combination of promotion strategy that will help it remain relevant and competitive in this world of business characterized with globalization and stiff competition from both domestic and international firms. On the same note, it will be easier for me to obtain the relevant data and information necessary for the completion of the study.


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