Essays on Evaluating Of E-commerce Models Assignment

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Report Overview: This research is going to investigate a modern and innovative ecommerce business that is second life. Second life is a 3D virtual world that helps people meet other people, communicate, and have an innovative experience of a world that is full of special features and attractions. This research is also aimed to outline some important aspects regarding new web that is WEB 2.0. Here I will also outline some potential hurdles in the E-commerce. This research is based on three parts. The first part is about the analysis of the website Second Life (SL).

The next section will outline some important aspects regarding the Web 2.0 and third section will discuss some main aspects regarding potential hurdles in the ecommerce business implementation. Introduction Linden Lab is offering a lot of several e-commerce improvements to Second Life after obtaining the main web-based marketplaces intended for virtual goods. Through these facilities Second Life 'residents' are able to locate virtual goods for sale, as well as offer merchants from broader channels to sell their products. The move from part of some strategic plan underway inside the virtual world, that Linden Lab hopes will augment the amount of Second Life users in 2010.

Linden Lab is offering and augmenting its footprint in the virtual world industry in the course of four main initiatives: localising the SL experience in main marketplaces although the globe; simplifying the 'first hour experience' to widen customer acceptance; attracting the customer to the online business platform intended for enterprise users; as well as building our virtual goods marketplace. Presently there a lot of ecommerce business model are available on the web.

The web based advertisement, online selling, commission based selling, bidding and a lot of ecommerce business models are used now a days. In this scenario there is a new innovative business model emerging that is combining all these aspects to a single place. This idea has placed by the new 3-D virtual world of the Second Life. This is an innovative concept that is placed regarding the new generation customers attraction at a place that offers better interaction, communication, business products and other services at a single place.

In this scenario business of the Second Life is offering more enhanced support and offering different businesses to have online promotions, selling, and support same as before like they have on the web based platforms. This offers them a better support in case of business handling and management. Part 1What is Second Life? Second Life is a 3-D virtual community developed completely through its membership. Additionally, the members presume an identity and start residence in second life environment, making a changeable/ customized personage or avatar to demonstrate them. The personage or avatar moves about in the second world’s 3-D virtual world through instinctive keyboard buttons and mouse control (Kalning).

Figure 1- Second Life Logo- Source-[http: //static. open. salon. com/files/secondlife_11223658181.jpg]Why is Second Life successful? One of most important reasons of success of the second life is its quality of offering real world experience. Since, in this world a person can do everything that he is not able to do in real world. For instance, he can have a real world experience of meeting, working and collaborating with people. Its main reason of success is to offer a person a way to fulfil his entire real world desires that he cannot do in actual world.

In addition, the second life’s 3-D virtual world as well comprises sound; babbling streams, wind in the swaying trees, built-in chat, audible conversation plus instant messaging to its members. Moreover, the residents purchase goods or property, game with other residents, establish businesses, join clubs, produce objects, attend classes, or simply hang out. Furthermore, the depiction of second life is extraordinary, making it an instant guilty pleasure (Kalning).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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