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The paper 'Marriot - Customer Experience Management System" is a good example of a management case study. Marriot is a leading global company in the hospitality business with over 4,200 properties across the globe. It operates in 80 countries and in 2014 it reported profits of nearly $14 billion (Marriot Profile 2015). The Marriot stable has over 19 brands under its name including the JW Marriott® , Autograph Collection® , The Ritz-Carlton® , BVlgari® , ® Hotels, Renaissance® Hotels, Marriott Hotels® , Marriott Executive Apartments® and Delta Hotels. Marriot has received rewards for its superior business ethics, customer service and as a good employer.

Marriot uses award-winning guest loyalty programs in many of its accommodation establishments across the globe. The loyalty program has over 50 million members (Marriot Profile 2015). In recent decades, the accommodation industry has become more competitive and is characterized by slim margins, over-capacity, and ease of switching between competitors. Many new hotel chains have joined markets that were traditionally dominated by Marriot international. In the hotel industry retention of customers is extremely essential as customers can easily switch to any of Marriot’ s numerous competitors.

Marriot uses its customer relationship management system to ensure they retain and attract as many customers as possible. This report uses the service touchpoint analysis to evaluate the customer relationship management system of Marriot and how it contributes to the hotel chains' sustainability in a competitive environment. 2.0 The Moments of Truth framework Hotel customers interact with the service company multiple times in different places and ways. A hotel customer has some real moments when he associates with the company products and experiences their services (Meyer and Schwager 2007).

Some moments of truth include when the customer sleeps in the service provider’ s room, when they phone the hospitality provider when they check-in and out of the hotel, and when they watch adverts and other promotions by the Service company.


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