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The paper "Business Strategies for Cafe Paradiso" is a great example of a business case study. Data that identifies the planning incidence of planning in small firms and the associated variables with that planning relies on samples subject to geographical and industry constraints of the business (Gibson and Cassar 2002). This is a business plan evaluation for a café in Australia, café Paradise. The purpose of this business plan evaluation is to and make supported recommendations to improve the plan to ensure achievement of the plan's objectives for various stakeholders. The scope of this evaluation will cover all the relevant aspects outlined in the business plan for the café to be evaluated; Café Paradiso.

The core evaluation questions that seek to be answered range from the identification of key market segments after analyzing the data on market size of the coffee market in the business plan, putting in place business strategies by looking through the quantitative market trends and the expectations, identification of key companies in the same business line with café Paradiso in Australia by analyzing information on market share.

(Anonymous) Business Executive Plan Summary The idea behind the business plan for café Paradiso, based on the negotiations of the café owners to start a café business, is due to a great positioning in terms of the location. As per the business plan, the Mountain Glen Shopping Centre experiences a great number of passing shoppers in addition to a growing number of people in terms of population. Moreover, the limited nature of the number of cafes within that centre and the added advantage of a wide field of experience in the café business by the owners having successfully owned and operated a number of cafes in Australia and overseas.

The market share, in this case, will, therefore, increase from around 35% to 40% in one year. This is beneficial to this business as it will have competitive advantages over other businesses in terms of location, knowledge and industry experience, availability of financial resources as well as service in food quality and service in general Anonymous (2013). Product Offering Evaluation The main activity of Café Paradiso revolves around the purchase, storage, preparation, selling and serving the available menu to their esteemed customers.

The expectation to offer service to over 6,000 customers monthly proves to be a real goldmine regardless of whether the customers prefer to dine in or take away the products of the café . In terms of the operation of the café , it is quite reliable and convenient to the customers since it is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm every Monday until Saturday and from 8:00 am until midday on Sunday. The café also comfortably houses 36 seated persons. Café Paradiso is driven by a mission which is to suit client needs, offer high coffee quality and delicious meals in the best service operation.

This is the proper mission especially for a market player in the food and beverages industry. The main differentiation area, from which, it distinguishes itself from other cafes and coffee shops in that region, is that it boasts of an internationally trained and acclaimed chef. This is the point of pride in café Paradise as the chef will be able to produce fresh, light and healthy meals daily as well as come up with new menu items to suit the ever-changing client needs and tastes of people who take keen interest about what they eat.

The high-quality coffee offered is aimed at targeting staff in the shopping centre and shoppers who enjoy good coffee that is valued for money at highly competitive prices (Hassanien et al. 2013).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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