Essays on Evaluation Of Individual & Organisational Creativity Assignment

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Leslie Silver International FacultyUK Centre for Events ManagementCreative Thinking for the Event Professional2006/2007M Level Student Name: E-mail addressCourseGroupModule TutorsBarry Blake & Jackie MulliganE-mail address b. blake@leedsmet. ac. uk and j. mulligan@leedsmet. ac. ukTelephone number0113 283 3475 or 0113 283 3487Leeds Metropolitan University, Civic Quarter, Leeds (0113) 2832600 Fax (0113) 2833111Evaluation of Individual and Organisational Creativityon the Leeds City Summer Music Festival at the Roundhay ParkIntroductionThe Leeds City Council in coordination with the AAA Events Company staged a major three-day music festival at the Roundhay Park over the Summer of 2006. In this paper, using the creative theory, management techniques and examples of other working practices within and external to the ‘events’ sector, the three-day music festival at the Roundhay Park over the Summer of 2006 was evaluated.

To do this, the following were addressed: recruiting a creative team and developing a creative environment, devising a range of creative processes; researching, addressing and solving the briefs problems relating to the key factors and current trends facing the industry today; and devising an effective methodology for evaluating whether attendees considered the event “creative”. The ability to integrate creative thinking skills was honed by exploring a range of tools, techniques and processes to gain personal, professional and competitive advantage in the events context.

Specifically, after the completion of the project, the following were learned: apply knowledge and understanding of creativity theory within a diverse professional event context; challenge the barriers to personal and organisational creativity; communicate creative ideas to internal / external stakeholders; and develop creative thinking skills in solving problems within different cultural and organisational contexts. Several key skills were developed and mapped against the key skills statement such as communication and presentation, knowledge and understanding, managing tasks and solving problems, self appraisal and reflection on practice, synthesis and creativity and employability. Evaluation of Creative Thinking of Individuals, Teams and ProcessesA Creative Style Questionnaire can be used to evaluate the creative thinking of individuals.

One can be rated accordingly with 1 as the lowest and 10 as the highest. High score means that there are: OriginalityThis can be gauged when the individual initiates change, turns things better, comes up with creative solutions to problems and gives out good ideas Rule sensitivityThis is when the individual is found to take risks, challenges accepted practices and bends rules and regulationsOpennessThis can be measured when the individual keeps up to date with developments, tries new approaches and adapts quicklyAssertivenessDuring the activities, an individual with creative thinking express views clearly and sells ideas and proposals for change persuasive. AchievementIndividuals with creative thinking are motivated to push for and implement ideas and proposals for changeCreative styleThey possess this when that individual has innovative approaches to creativity problem solving and decision making. Creative thinking of individuals is critical in events organizing.

This will spell the overall success of the project. One way to make creative thinking into full use is through mind mapping. It is a technique which Buzan and Buzan (1995) developed to enhance learning as well as improve overall understanding. These authors suggest methods that will help to alleviate learning problems. This diversification is essential for business reason. Likewise, diversification plays an important role for risk management reason. Staging an event is vulnerable to failure or loopholes if the local economy suffers economic hardship. An organized event will be only less vulnerable if it is able to flexibly consider several factors and intensify its promotion and advertising activities on several strategic locations and several media.

Creativity is important in events organizing. There is such a thing as a comprehensive guide to "Mind Maps". “Mind Mapping” is a revolutionary method of accessing intelligence, developed over many years by Tony Buzan and his brother Barry. Aside from creative thinking events organizing teams should have work well with every members of the team.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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