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The paper "Evaluation Of Marketing Communications " is a wonderful example of a Marketing Case Study. Based on the data presented on the data matrix and the information gathered concerning the situation of San churros internet marketing communication as well as that of its other close four competitors, i.e. star bucks, Mac Donald, Koko black and café brunette, and later evaluate its effectiveness. San churro is a western Australian café that is well known for its tasty traditional churro and other chocolate delicacies. It apparently viewed as the place to be on a cold rainy morning or evenings.

Effective internet marketing is a sure way that can help a firm improve its sales revenue, and therefore a firm needs should ensure that its strategies are well put in place. A well-designed internet marketing communication strategy would enable the firm to create a strong personal relationship with its customers. The qualities to be analyzed are as explained below. Homepage design and format This dictates the images, font, and color of the homepage and is every firm’ s first marketing point. These are the first features a potential consumer would relate to every time the business is mentioned and should, therefore, be carefully handled.

San churros image of a chocolate eating monk might not be as good compared to star bucks chocolate-covered page or KOKO blacks display of their chocolates. This is what ranks these two competitors ahead of san churro. San churro's only competitor with a poorer image is café brunette with photos the customers would not easily relate to. Another important design and format feature that should be considered by every internet marketer is the firm’ s coverage of the screen, its font size and how busy the format is.

The firm’ s display of its information should cover the screen in proportionate measures, i.e. well balanced and in a visible font and font size. San churros web design covers a good proportion of the screen and its details are written in large font sizes too, almost like calligraphy. Its font-size enables catchy details to pop out and would also market the firm. San churros competitors Mac Donald, KOKO black and star bucks are however ranked ahead of it due to their exquisite display on the homepage.

Mac Donald, for example, has a popping red as its homepage background and details in white font color. Café brunette’ s poor font and non-proportionality on the screen are what give it the poor 2point rank. A third design and format feature that must be taken into account that was immensely ignored by almost all the firms the letting the customers have fun while on the page by giving them a little virtual tour of their world. San churros videos of chocolate eating customers with poor sound systems is want to give it a poor ranking.

Though compared to its competitors, san churro is fast ahead. Therefore, in homepage design and format, san churro would be ranked as average with a total of 5.5 points beating all its competitors. Navigation/functionality Functionality would mostly refer to the ease of moving from one tab to another. It is evaluated on the basis of ease of use, scrolling to tabs or correcting a particular page. Navigating through the san churros page is quite simple, which is facilitated by its large font.

It lacks the quick search icon on its homepage and therefore to locate san churros chocolate dip, a customer would be forced to first move to the menu icon, dessert and you are there. The homepage does not have the quick search icon and this makes locating the availability of any of its products quite tiresome.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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