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The paper "Evaluation Of San Churro Marketing Communications " is a perfect example of a Marketing Case Study. San churro is a franchise type of business that runs café and prides itself in the provision of churro and chocolate delicacies. The business is engaging in various means towards reaching out to customers and providing them with the best services coming from an informed point of view. This is capitalized by the fact that for increased revenues for companies, communication between the customer and the business must be initiated and maintained. With the aim of utilizing current internet media trends of communication, the company has a website and also engages in other social media like Facebook and Twitter.

The main goal is not only to market their products but to also provide the best services to their clients that are also tailor made with the use of information gathered from the people. This paper looked at several items in digital, marketing and how they are working for or against the business as well as other means of collecting information and data. The information obtained was used to give recommendations on future options to venture into as well as areas to improve on.

The in store experience has been discussed here broadly and the rating is fair. However, the grease concern was the staffing which affects or compromises the quality of service like clean up after a customer. Their public relations, especially on Facebook, is commendable with most of the complaints by customers being responded to. The following on face book is about 37,000 and the following on twitter is about 800 and this can be made better.

This people also make up for the social media friends and represent digital followers. Looking at Google impressions the number of views obtained after a Google search is slightly above 320, 000 making it only second last to café Brunetti and star bucks having the highest at 66,400,000. This means that there is a need for optimization of the search engine to make the best use of Google's first impressions. The trip advisor also offers information that is vital to change or implement depending on customer responses.

It is also ranked 4 out of 113 restaurants found in Frematle which a very poor rating meaning there is something more about their products that needs to be done. Most of the complaints in trip advisor and urban spoon are about consistency with food quality and poor staffing which means the people recommend it is good for children and visiting in the evening or after hours. The recommendations are for the business to venture into sponsoring events, TV programs, branded entertainments, and agencies. While doing this it should improve on the website quality and public relations. According to the American marketing association, marketing can be defined as the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large (American marketing association, 2008).

This is an integrative definition that includes not just the customers at the center as has been the core but also the clients, partners, and society. Marketing seeks to satisfy the customer or the user of the end product initiating the whole process of production and sales with information on what the consumer needs are and embedding those needs in the production process and the final product.

Marketing is a concept that stops reliance on production and sales where production looks at the product and sales look at returns and includes the needs of the customer.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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