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The strategy that I am going to adopt to carve a successful media career for myself in the media world starts with a critical self analysis. I want to find out the kind of opportunities I have and the areas that have to be improved. An introspection of myself will be useful to adapt myself to the dynamics of the industry and my chances of growth in the industry will be more definite. After the self assessment, the next step is to understand the best practices that are done in a given situation in the media world.

The kind of opportunities that are available at present and the way in which media corporations/ personnel manage to attain customer satisfaction has to be understood. Also an analysis of successful and unsuccessful cases is necessary. The understanding of the best practices and examples of cases can highlight the competencies that are to be developed and the areas in which I can be successful. The competencies that are necessary have to be acquired and then the competencies have to be practiced. The expertise and competencies acquired are to be put to use and feedback is to be obtained from the team members.

One of my primary strength is my passion to create. I get inspired with new ideas and people around me find my creations interesting as well. When I was in still in high school I created a stage play for my school with roles played by my friends and it was a success. I have a good hand in creating good screen plays and stories. I am also a very energetic person.

I take up a project with enthusiasm and energy that helps me to overcome the hurdles I face in the completion of the project. Another character of me that is worth mentioning here is my ability to handle pressure. In the globalized business environment it is essential that personnel are capable of handling stress in their jobs and succeed in a demanding environment. Also I am good in multitasking. When given a challenging project which involves managing different tasks, I am capable of assigning priorities and planning the jobs to be done for effective completion of the tasks.

When a person is planning a career in media, he should be willing to work in a team. As Tom Peters mentions in his works, an individual cannot work alone in any organization. It requires a team to make the opportunity into a profitable business. Hence, not only in media industry, but for any industry for that matter, ability of a person to accommodate himself effectively in a team is a key factor to success. His ability to lead a team, motivate and lead others can decide the success of the individual and the organization.

I am also strong in the management sills such as planning, organizing, leading and controlling. For a person to be able to handle different kind of assignments it is essential that the person possesses managerial skills. In addition to the basic management skills, I am confident that I also have good communication skills and interpersonal skills. My communication skills are evident from the fact that i can create interesting scripts and I can also give very interesting presentations.

My interpersonal skills are also good to the level that I can lead a team to achieve the goals and I can motivate the team members. I can increase the commitment of the team members towards the goals to be attained. When it comes to the weaknesses part of my personality, my ability to negotiate has to be improved. For a media person the negotiation skills are very important in prospecting and building business relationships. But I have to develop my negotiation skills to close business deals without affecting the business ties.

Another area of improvement in my personality is my nature to get involved personally into the assignments which I undertake. I have to learn to approach assignments more professionally. Also I should improve my ability to maintain professional relationships with people in the team. When I am working in a team, I get involved with the team members more than the requirement of the assignment. My expectations from the team members increases and it results in conflicts. In the current media industry scenario it is difficult to define the role played by a media person.

A person who is planning to have a career in the media industry should be aware of the opportunities and trends in the electronic media. Technical knowledge and the understanding of recent developments in the media industry should be understood. Hence, I have to gain more exposure in working in different types of media and projects. I have to start looking for short term assignments in which I can gain work experience. When we are going to be working in an international work environment, an understanding of the customer is crucial.

An insight into the profile, culture, preferences of the customers is necessary. There can be various differences in the behavior of the customer influenced by the culture. For example, when it comes to the choice of media and communication, there can be a huge gulf of differences in the preferences of the customer. Hence, I have to improve my understating of different cultures and the effect on the decision making process of the customer. As a whole I can confidently say that I possess quite a number of strengths that will be useful for a career in the media industry.

My immediate task in future is to improve my skills in the areas which I am still not fully equipped to meet the requirements of the industry. READING Whetten, D. A and Cameron, k.S (2005) Developing Management Skills, (6th ed), New Jersey, Prentice Hall

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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