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The paper "Evaluative Study on Coca Cola" is a great example of a case study on business. The soft drinks industry in which coca-cola is involved is very competitive. The greatest competition comes from rival companies such as Pepsi, which operate within the industry. Coca Cola Company is faced with challenges and pressures due to competition not only from rival companies but also from substitute products, new entrants, and other challenges that pertain to the effective running of the organization's operations such as the supply and demand of the products. In addition, the whole fast-moving consumer goods industry across the world is faced with numerous macro-economic challenges.

For instance, the deepening of the foreign debt crisis in Europe has greatly contributed to the volatility of the currency and the austerity measures put in place by the governments are affecting the spending power of the consumers in countries that coca-cola operates. This study seeks to explore and understand the competitive landscape and the market trends, demographic data relating to the supply and demand of coca-cola products. Moreover, the study seeks to understand retailers selling behavior and customer’ s buying behavior by analyzing the consumer’ s exact needs and wants.

The report covers issues in the soft drinks industry such as industry performance, growth opportunities, and future prospects. The forecast and analysis given in this report use variou8s economic models for illustration, and it is intended to act as a guide to Coca Cola Company so that it can improve its business economic processes. Introduction In order for coca-cola to thrive, it has to ensure high performance in the prevailing macroeconomic environment. The microeconomic environment greatly affects consumer behavior because microeconomic pressure on governments is causing higher taxation trends across many countries that constitute the coca-cola target market.

It is important for coca-cola to make sure that the governments in these countries understand the important role that coca-cola plays in terms of providing employment, economic contribution and supplier spend. Moreover, market trends, globalization, and competition all affect coca cola’ s operations in the soft drinks industry.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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