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The paper "Various Modes of Event Management " is a perfect example of a management assignment. January 2010, the month scheduled for our annual cultural fest often referred to as ‘ Cult-fest’ , seemed to be the most coveted part of the academic year for students. This year we had a dual motif underlying for the pre-event planning and scheduling for the cult-fest. One of the prime intent for the event was maintaining the ecstasy which the institute portrayed in front of other institutes to be a highly well accentuated and managed institute.

The other motif was garnering funds for our social cell so that we could render the financial help to the orphanages of the targeted areas. The program is supposed to be an eclectic of various events schedules, participations, seminars and a valediction ceremony ornate by a special guest. The following subsections delineate our various modes of event management for the same. Background – the event came upon as a routine scheduled in our annual agenda to be a part of our curriculum. Also when we struck with an idea to merge two of our main committees’ viz.

the cultural cell and the social cell, this became a prime base to fabricate an event plan that might cater to both of their requisites. The context of the event finally came upon to be centrally themed on ‘ Efforts’ so that we can actually make a theme of amalgamating the cultural fest aspects with those of efforts towards our social endeavours. Thus the contextual plinth of the event came to be a dual cause of sufficing the social cell with the obligatory monetary feed and to that of the cultural cell for better event commencement, thereby justify the theme ‘ Efforts’ . Event concept – the event comprised of various events and seminars as a part of the agenda for the two days of it, excluding the valediction ceremony on a concluding day.

The concept came out to be a blend of our cultural and social prerogatives both being unified and solely serrated to be on prime hold and selectively nurtured for their targets.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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