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Unit Reflection on Concerts Concert The first concert I attended was “The Four Season CulturalSeries” which was held at the Heritage Park, City of Sunny Isles Beach, 19200 Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160. The Florida International University Jazz Big Band. The concert took place on Sunday the 14th of April 2013 (Four Seasons Cultural Series 2013). The Florida University Jazz Big Band was led by Director and lead trumpet player Jim Hacker. The concert was set in the Pelican Community Park Gymnasium, a relatively large hall, which allowed for the guests to move freely and dance while enjoying the sensual flow of modern day jazz mixed with a tinge of old school jazz. The crowd and guests that came to be entertained was mainly the old and middle aged individuals.

This is owing to the fact that jazz genre is not very popular with the young and is associated with individuals of a higher class calibre who are considerably well off. The crowd had a mixed response to the music. A section of the crowd preferred to simply remain sited and enjoy the music, while others danced to the tunes.

However, the majority of those who danced were mainly couples. There were many compositions that were performed during the concert. They all varied in tempo and covered almost all the genres and sub genres of Jazz. The following compositions were particularly interesting. “Undercurrent Blues” by Chico O’Ferril. This is an Afro-Cuban Jazz piece that entails a fast, quick ad bright tempo that ranged between 109 to 110 BPM. This makes this piece an Allegro and was from the mid-1940s. Little Brown Jug by Glenn Miller is a Big band Swing Jazz Ballad.

It is of relatively slow tempo, at 74 BPM. This makes it an Andante. This piece was from the early 1910s. The concert was a huge success as it encompassed jazz from the different periods that shaped the development and growth of Jazz Music. The gradual switch from fast paced jazz pieces to a slow paced mood created from an exciting start to a sensual ending for the concert. Works Cited2013. Four Seasons Cultural Series. October 13. Accessed May 14, 2014. http: //www. sunnyislesbeachmiami. com/events/four-seasons-cultural-series/.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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