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Event ManagementWeek 1An Overview of the Event FieldA special event is an event which is meant to celebrate special occasions. A special event is a preplanned event which is specifically planned to mark a specific occasions. Event management involves the professional management of the available resources so as to ensure that an event fulfils its objectives (Keily, 2012). Special events vary from society to society since they are created as a part of the traditions and practices of a specific society. They range from historical / religious events like Christmas, to private events like marriages t public events like the Sydney Olympics.

Over time as new values and practices evolve, special events to commemorate them are born for example Children’s day. Every event is unique in its own way hence necessitating a unique manner of management. A major issues in event management is finance. The financial demands of each event vary depending on the size of the event, for example private and public. Other challenges in the event management industry include insurance upheavals and environmental sustainability. because of the fact that every organization, country and individual desires to have the best of an event, the need for event managers has come up. Various event management bodies have been established for example event management organizations, companies and associations.

Other services offered by the players in the industry include supply of needed items in events, appropriate venues to host events among others. In recent times, external regulatory bodies have been created to regulate the sanity of the industry (Keily, 2012). All in all, an event manager has to have undergone rigorous training and have accumulated a lot of experience so as to have the expertise to deal with the real time challenges of the industry since what are demanded of them are successful events.

The following paper gives a chapter wise outline of the course ‘Festival and Special Event Management’. Week 2The Strategic Planning FunctionThe aim of every event planner is to ensure that maximum benefits are reaped from an organized event. Generally, this is success with respect to an event. In order to ensure that this is achieved, the event planners and organizational heads make use of strategic plans.

Strategic planning is the assessment of the current state of an organization, evaluating the resources available to it at present and at the future, and specifying which state the organization is to be in after a specified period of time (Jones & Bartlet, 2011). Strategic planning ensures that an organization / event are able to grow. For events which are held after a specified period of time, it is a common scenario for event mangers to try to outdo the previous event (Shapiro, 2009). This is made possible via strategic planning. Organizing an event entails the integration of several steps / stages into one.

The stages include: development of an event concept, analysis of the feasibility of the event developed, after this, bidding is done so as to identify the event manger with the best terms, and afterwards an organizational structure is established, after this stage, strategic planning is done with consultation from the various players in the industry. The last stage is the legacy stage where the event organized leaves a permanent impression on the various players.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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