Essays on Establishment of a UFO Festival Change Tourism in Roswell Assignment

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The paper "Establishment of a UFO Festival Change Tourism in Roswell" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. The development of Roswell as a tourist destination follows the mysterious crash of an unknown object and the numerous conspiracy theories that sprang from the incident. In particular, the crash drew a lot of attention on an international level attracting the media, governments, and society. It is the much media coverage that enhanced the significance of the special occasion and thus led to the growth of Roswell as a tourist destination. The UFO is an annual festival that provides the attendees with the opportunity to experience the culture of Mexico and expand their curiosity on Alien information.

The numerous speakers entertain the crowds on extraterrestrial information and the possibility of aliens which revolves around the belief that the unknown object belonged to some aliens. It is important to realise the transformation of Roswell, particularly its tourism from the occurrence of the event and it's becoming a tourist destination. As provided in the literature, special festivals such as the UFO are a rapid form of tourism expanding continually.

The example of UFO includes the ever-increasing number of attendees following an increased motivation to participate in such events. In the past, tourism in Roswell focused on the museum, historical architecture, and art. Moreover, the southern rocky mountain provided attractive sites for tourism. However, the Roswell UFO incident and its much publicity changed the form of tourism to become entirely centred on UFO and aliens as evident from the themes of the events, performances, and costumes. The imperative is the economic gains of the celebration marked by an increase in household income and revenue generation. Opposition against the observance of the festival develops from the nature of the event.

In this case, the festival centres on some rumours of the possibility of aliens hoping to motivate the curiosity in people to visit the destination. The building of tourism on half-truths and deception denies honour for the people and prevents the availability of the facts of the occurrence. As such the massive funding to organise the event without any real proof fails to provide an adequate economic reason to observe the UFO.

Moreover, the characteristic of the festival makes it a one-time experience for the tourist without much motivation to continue visiting the site annually. Therefore, it fails to account for the various constraints by the people and the council in managing such as a hallmark event. Why might a destination develop an events portfolio as a strategy? Illustrate your answer with an example. Event portfolio makes a powerful means of attracting potential tourist by providing them with adequate information about the coverage of the event including particular activities. A portfolio paints a picture of the events by mentioning specific activities, destinations, prices, and accommodations.

It may also provide pictorial and videos that emphasise the attractive features of the tourist destination. It effectiveness includes its feature of providing a story covering the particulars of the target to enhance the knowledge of the potential consumer. It also functions by feeding the motivation of the visitors to engage in tourism activity. The imperative of an event portfolio as a strategy is its abilities to engage and communicate to different visitors attracting them to one destination but hosting various activities that interest the different groups of the consumer.

Moreover, it reinforces the brand of the destination promoting its identity to the potential visitors and the locals. With the portfolio, there is the advantage of reduced perceived risk by the potential consumer improving the attractiveness of the site.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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