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The paper "The Concept of Creating Experiences in Event Management" is a perfect example of a case study on management. An event contributes to the personal experience of an attendee. Event managers and organizers manipulate an event experience through designing the event program. Drawing on my visit, observation, and experience of Adelaide Fringe, this reflective report underscores one best experience at the event, which can be strengthened and maximized to attain the mission and objectives of the event. The report also highlights one worst experience at Adelaide Fringe, which the event organizers and managers can improve in order to attain the mission and goals of the event.

To ensure improved event experience, the event managers should engage eliminate anything that contradicts, distracts and diminishes the theme of the event Contemporary event management is principally about the delivery of experiences. The delivery of experiences applies to all events irrespective of their type or size. The core of an event for modern event attendees is the event experience and the effects it has on consumers. There is a real interest in understanding the attendee’ s experiences within event management.

This is because it is the quality of an event experience that holds the power to encourage attendees to return and speak positively about the event to their families and friends. Festivals are events that offer unique, diverse, and new experiences, and this explains why people attend them. Event experience is inherently subjective, affective, and interpretative. For instance, people do not only attend the Adelaide Fringe for art but also because of the general atmosphere of the event. Evidently, visitors’ experiences result from engaging in memorable offerings that hold a lasting affective element to them.

The mood or the general pervasive feeling is indisputably essential in the context of comprehending an event experience. Experience is crucial to the success of any event or festival. The focus of this report is to assess the 2017 Adelaide Fringe event in Southern Australia. The report highlights the vision, mission, and goal of the Adelaide Fringe and how the event was marketed and promoted. Through SWOT analysis of the event, the report underscores the best and worst experiences from the event and culminates with recommendations that detail how to strengthen and improve attendees’ experiences.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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