Essays on Understanding Strategic Marketing Management Case Study

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The paper "Understanding Strategic Marketing Management" is a great example of a Marketing Case Study. Brisbane Mother’ s Day Classic is an annual event that is held with a resolution of enlightening the masses about breast cancer. However, its primary function is in the solicitation of funds that are used in medical research on cancer. This piece of work seeks to come up with an appropriate event promotional strategy that will be used in the planning and organizing for the event. First, a critical SWOT analysis of the program is established. In this case, strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats are analyzed.

In addition, objectives of the programs are started and the potential marketing strategies identified. The marketing strategy elaborates on the process by which the event organizers wish to publicize the event so that maximum attendance is achieved. Furthermore, an approximate budget of the entire promotional process is established (Mother’ s Day Classic). Brisbane Mother’ s Day Classic is a regular charity event held in the Brisbane City of Australia. It offers an opportunity for individuals, families or friends to take part actively and enjoy fun activities on Mother’ s Day.

It is an event packed with much of entertainment with the objective of raising money to aid in breast cancer research. In this event, family and friends are urged to avail themselves, stroll through the park, pound the pavement and record their personal best running time, or simply enjoy the exceptional Mother’ s day by engaging in the various entertainment activities. Brisbane event entails a 4km and 8 Km walk or runs where it will start on Grey Street. The participants will then walk or run along Montague Road and onto Riverside Drive alongside the beautiful Brisbane River.

The event culminates at the Cultural Forecourt, The Parklands South Bank. This event is held annually in the month of May. It more or less coincides with the Mother’ s day celebration. For this year, it will be held on Sunday 13 May across all main cities and regional areas in Australia. Historically, approximately 80,000 people participate in the event annually with Brisbane accounting for 3,000 to 5,000 of this figure. ASSESSMENT OF THE MARKET ENVIRONMENT Internal Analysis: Strengths Weaknesses Strength Remarkable sponsorship: The event enjoys massive sponsorship from both private and governmental organizations.

“ Me bank” is the main sponsor of the event, hence meeting most of the financial obligations. Other sponsors include the Athletes Foot, Brooks, Ford, Slater & Gordon, South Bank, among others. Moreover, most of the media promotional costs are catered for by the Brisbane media partners such as 9NEWS, 612ABC Brisbane and CITY News. BRISBANE Mother’ s Day Classic has an exceptionally strong management team. The majority of the members in the managerial team began their carriers in the company and advanced steadily in ranks to occupy managerial positions.

The organizer turnover for this event is relatively low with reference to a number of to the other charity organizations in Australia. Therefore, their experience in this field has always been advantageous because they clearly understand organizational strategies and possible challenges. The event enjoys the marketing and advertising advantages due to its strong brands and large capital base. This event was born out of the initiative of women in the national network and finance industries who have relentlessly funded and organized the event. In addition, the good attributes from the previous participants through the word of mouth have been instrumental in the marketing of the company.

As such, the event organizers are able to save a lot of revenue, which could have otherwise been spent in the marketing process (Bradford, 2007).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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