Essays on Festival and Special Event Management Case Study

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The paper "Festival and Special Event Management" is a great example of a Management Case Study. The video is comprehensive coverage of events with professional commentary on each stage of the fashion show. The video provides an insight into the activities and styles available in each category of the fashion week. These videos are instrumental in revealing the potential the event has in the future and make New York City an influential fashion city in the global fashion industry. The New York Fall-Winter 2011-2012 is an art and entertainment event according to the classification based on the type.

According to the gets portfolio analysis, this is a periodic hallmark event, which is characterized by high tourist demand for the fashion design available in the event. The high value for setting up such an event is central to its success. The event attracts visitors to the city of New York thus it has economic benefits attached to its occurrence. The economic benefits range from increased tourism revenues to new investment opportunities in the fashion industry. Possible Measures of value. In event tourism, there is a wide range of possible measures of value, which include but not limited to market share, growth potential, image enhancement, environmental value, event appropriateness, economic benefits, as well as, community support.

The objective of the event organizers is to bring fashion ideas and display them to the fashion industry in a systematic manner. This helps develop talents as well as promote the exchange of ideas between different industry players (Allen, 2008). The audiences of the fashion show include but not limited to fashion designer and fashion-conscious individuals The New York fashion week Fall/Winter 2011-2012 targeted female audiences ranging from the age of 18 to 45.

This age bracket is fashion-sensitive and is keen on squinting themselves with the current fashion trends. The online marketing strategy applied by the event organizers included the use of social networks by the participants to increase awareness among the public. Moreover, the fashion houses and independent fashion designers also market the fashion week event through their own online facilities such as their websites. The event was sponsored by Mercedes-Benz. Through an agreement with the fashion organizers of New York Fashion Week Fall-Winter 2011-2012, Mercedes -Benz has their name included.

This New York event had some pieces of work from design legends such as Marc Jacobs and Luca. Other designers who had their designs present in the fashion event included Betsey Johnson, Rodarte, and Michael Kors Frankfurt motor shows 2011. The videos offer an intense discussion and analysis of the products on display by various exhibitors. The discussion between the correspondents in the video is significant to the effectiveness of the organization of the entire motor show.

They review the principal and eye-catching developments of the show based on the 2011 motor show. The video also offers an insight into the important players in the motor show industry and highlights the importance of holding such events. The Frankfurt motor show 2011 is an international event that attracts tourists from around the globe. It is a periodic hallmark event. The Frankfurt motor show 2011 was the sixty-fourth of its kind since the inception of the motor show. The event is organized periodically to unveil the new technologies in the automobile manufacture industry.

The Frankfurt motor show 2011 had a range of the flowing items on display from different manufacturers, motorcycles, motor caravans, car accessories, passenger cars, servicing products, as well as repair and maintenance. The event was organized by Verband der Automobilindustrie, which is a German company.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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