Essays on Evidence-Based Practice Project Coursework

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Evidence-Based Practice Project al Affiliation Evidence-Based Practice Project It is important to incorporate a theory of model related to change when implementing practice changes because theories offer assumptions or blueprint of the manner in which a change can be implemented. A theory provides a coherent framework to make sense of why the change is required. One should have a clear reason for implementing a change initiative. A theory provides an explanation for this reason and helps provide a framework on how such a change can be implemented. It also allows those managing the change process to articulate the underlying assumptions about change and be able to test and measure such assumptions on change.

Theory also helps by providing a strategic map that shows the current situation, determining the starting point of a change, where the change process should be initiated and where to end the change process (Burke, 2013). The benefit of incorporating a change model does not outweigh the time and effort it took to include it. The time, effort and benefit of including a change model are all important because without one of these aspects, a change model becomes useless in a change process.

A change theory or model must be well thought out. This means that time and effort must be used to ensure that the change model fits within the change required. This will ensure that the change model can guide the change through to completion and that the change can yield the results for which it was intended. Therefore, this means that the effort, time and the benefit of the change model equally important (Basford & Slevin, 2003). ReferencesBasford, L.

& Slevin, O. (2003). Theory and Practice of Nursing: An Integrated Approach to Caring Practice. New York: Nelson ThornesBurke, W. W. (2013). Organization change: Theory and practice. Sage Publications.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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