Essays on Skills to Develop So That I Can Achieve Career Advancement Assignment

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The paper "Skills to Develop So That I Can Achieve Career Advancement" is an outstanding example of a management assignment. Bachelor of Business Management is an undergraduate program designed to instill students with skills that are needed to be a leader in the business and corporate world. Business managers primary mandate is to guide other employees in order for the organization to make profits. Profit maximization entails, taking every department into serious consideration and organizing everyone, working with everyone synergistically for the purpose of business growth and market penetration. Business managers learn very many skills in the University Example, (sales, marketing, finance, accounting, human resource management, etc).

However, it is crucial that these skills need to be supplemented by natural interpersonal skills so as to perform duties more efficiently. For instance, a manager should be in a position to accept personal criticism from his/her subordinates, know every employee well and develop vital social skills, be honest, develop close relationships with the employees and most of all make good decisions. Blanchard, K (1982). Google is an organization that puts employees’ welfare in high regard.

After graduation, I would like to join Google for my internship and later, hopingly, I will land a long term job. Google has started a Singapore hub that primary focus is to develop software that works on Google Android operating system, which powers many smartphones and tablets in the world. The software engineers will work in to develop next-generation technologies for mobile data management, local communities, payments, commerce, connectivity, job search and education. Tham, (2016). New products and services will aim at users in emerging markets, that is, Brazil, India, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Google’ s Singapore office is its Asia-Pacific headquarters and it will focus on business development, sales, and marketing. These operations will need Business Managers, and I am looking forward to being part of the team. Tham, (2016). Q1A. Skills to Develop So That I Can Achieve Career Advancement. There are some skills, capabilities, qualities or characteristics that are essential to achieve career advancement or performance advancement. In my case, in the next five years after graduation. These factors can be categorized as; Personal, Business, Communication, and Relationship qualities. Self-Motivation- This is the ability to get yourself going, take control of expected situations and the tasks ahead.

Self-motivation is a very vital personal characteristic because a manager must e self-motivated so that he/she can gain trust from the other employees. Optimism- A good manager needs to build an optimistic attitude that will help build the morale of the employees. A positive attitude contributes to inspire others, and they feel good about trying their best to help get things done and actually to get them done. Delegation and Organization- Business Managers, should be able to know when to delegate duties to the employees and particularly know who, when, what, why, which and how the task should be done.

Organization entails on keeping track of projects, employees, and assignments so that these can be properly arranged and taken care of successfully. Public Speaking- A good manager should possess the communication quality of sound public speaking. He/she should be able to pronounce words well, concisely pass the intended ideas/message, and most importantly involve the audience. He/she can try to blend in some informal cues for instance stories or comedy so as to ease off seriousness and make the audience relaxed.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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