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The paper "Personal Career Plan" is a good example of management coursework.   Currently, I am a student taking business management with a few months remaining before graduation. After graduation, I will move back to China. I haven’ t decided on a particular area but am considering human resource management, sales, marketing and financial analyst job. Am more inclined towards human resource management since I like interacting with people and ensuring that there is a safe working environment for the staff. This field will also help me demonstrate my public relations skills I would also carry SWOT analysis (strength weaknesses opportunities and threats) so as to be the best when I apply as many job interviews. I would also compare my options depending on my preferences and find out the opportunities that are in the job market I will also set goals so as to achieve my preferred career, a human resource manager at China development bank. Short term goals (before graduation) Perform a high GPA in the remaining units to graduation to boost my overall grades this will enable me to be competitive in the job market which has a lot of candidates. Improve my public relations skills in order to ensure healthy relationships with co-workers. Improve my public speaking skills to enable me to articulate issues and to address my employer and other colleagues. Intermediate goals (first five years of working) Get an internship to give me good experience on the work regarding my career path.

The internship is a good way to gain experience before getting a real job. It is also a channel of acquiring networks from the people working in the organization. Applying for job interviews from different companies until I find a favourable working condition and a good company where to work from this will give me knowledge on how to apply and also the requirements in the job market. Developing a good relationship with my coworkers this will ensure healthy working conditions in the company and the smooth running of activities because when there are good relations in the workplace people communicate effectively. Finding a mentor who will guide me on my career path and everything I need to know about the career and also who will mentor on investment and personal life.

This will ensure I have good advice to guide in my daily activities. Long-term objectives (five years and beyond) Become more creative and innovative in my company, for example, come up with a new method of doing something in the company this will ensure that there are growth and advancement in technology of the company. Promotion to the managerial position. I plan on rising to the managerial position in the company within the first five years of working. To ensure this I have to show hard work and leadership qualities which I possess so as to ensure that I rise in position.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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