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The paper "How to Enhance Marketing Communications" is a wonderful example of a Marketing Assignment. In buzz marketing, the advertiser communicates a marketing message to few influential individuals who in turn have word of mouth conversations flattering the ones they talk to as they feel ‘ in the know’ and in turn spread the word to their colleagues and friends. Viral marketing induces Web users and websites to relay a marketing message to fellow users and site. Guerrilla marketing is a where a company uses unconventional interactions with an aim of promoting a product or service.

The above marketing techniques depend on personal interaction with the consumer thus the advertiser is able to get feedback on their product or service which can be used to improve the product. Part- Question 2- Explain what is meant by the process of product adoption as well as the process of diffusion of innovations. How does this information influence marketing activities? Customers first become aware of the innovation but lack information then develops an interest in it thus look for the information. Consumers then evaluate innovation’ s pros and cons.

Customers then purchase the innovation to determine its quality and then decide to either adopt or reject it. The diffusion process is a description of how a new innovation spreads within a social group. The adoption happens in the following order are the innovators, early adopters, early and late majority and finally the laggards. Once the advertiser has understood where their innovation lies with their prospective customers they can tailor their messages to meet the needs of the consumers who are supposed to be adopting the product at that stage. Part A- Question 3- Briefly explain what is meant by Porter’ s Value Chain.

How does this differ from the supply chain as a whole? The value chain helps in analyzing what activities an organization can undertake to gain a competitive advantage while still providing the best value for their customers. These activities include inbound logistics, operation activities, outbound logistics, and marketing logistics. The supply chain, on the other hand, is concerned with the activities that involve all organizations, individuals, activities, resources, and technology undertaken in the creation of a product’ s sale. It starts with the delivery of raw materials from the supplier to the supply of the end product to the customer.

The supply chain is only concerned with the movement of the product while the value chain also entails adding value to the product. Part A- Question 4- How do marketers create and measure service quality. Use examples to illustrate your answer. Tangible- the physical evidence of the purported service including the appearance of the facility. This can be measured by requesting the customers to fill a questionnaire on their views about the general set up of the facility as well as measuring it against what competitors have set up. Reliability- this entails the marketers ensuring the facility is able to offer the promised appropriately, for example, keeping records up to date and can be measured by conducting periodical audits of the services offered. Responsiveness- the marketers should ensure the employees always help customers promptly, for example, ensuring appointments are set up quickly.

This can be created by setting up efficient operating systems.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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