Essays on Leadership Style Applied in Flumox Company, Plans Required in an Organizational Hierarchy, Maslows Theory Assignment

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The paper “ Leadership Style Applied in Flumox Company, Plans Required in an Organizational Hierarchy, Maslow’ s Theory”   is a   well-turned example of an assignment on management. Leadership style applied by the CEO has led employees of Flumox Company to lack motivation and happiness. The nature of the approach by the management seems to favor unilateral decisions and hands-on leadership. It is true that the company has made huge attempts to improve hygiene factors such as pay, work environment, and security. However, the company employees are lacking motivators such as opportunities for growth, achievement, and recognition.

According to Herzberg two factor theory, employee behavior is influenced by hygiene factors and motivators. Hygiene factors lead to highly dissatisfied employees while motivators result in highly satisfied employees. The possible combination is high hygiene plus low motivation with the job being viewed as a paycheck. The company has done well in elaborating its company policies, pay and working conditions, and interpersonal relationship. Herzberg two factor theory identified motivators as falling in the area of satisfaction while hygiene factors denote the areas of dissatisfaction. This means that the previous CEO by ignoring the need for achievement, recognition, work, responsibility, and personal growth among employees, failed to satisfy employees.

As a result, employees exhibit intentions to exit the company and show little or no commitment to work tasks and roles. There are also increased levels of absenteeism and decreased productivity. Flummox Company may have focused more on improving work conditions, supervisory management, and pay which was necessary to influence the level of dissatisfaction. Yet, motivators are required t influence the level of satisfaction. Question TwoFlummox Company is already doing well in terms of pay, work environment, training and development, and interpersonal relationships.

However, to improve on the area of satisfaction, the CEO can take up the following measures;

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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