Essays on Fire and Rescue Service Management Assignment

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The paper "Fire and Rescue Service Management" is a perfect example of a management assignment. This report is going to recommend the best ways in risks and uncertainties in projects as it is common knowledge that it is not necessary that plans are always accurate. This is done by recognising and acknowledging the risks and difficulties that are inherent ahead in most projects. The management of this project will be able to ensure that the planning of the project is more realistic and the completion of the project will be more successful even if there are a couple of challenges that it may come across.

There also needs to be research done by the organisation to ensure that the proposed new operational procedure works and it is viable in terms of its application into the current system. This will be possible if the project is done and planned in a manner that is detailed and the risk assessment if managed in a sensible manner. The method that is used in this project which involves increasing the emphasis that is laid on actions that are required to reduce or prevent the occurrence of road accidents and other related injuries even at work, is very paramount in ensuring that the days that are lost in terms of workdays are minimized as such injuries can be prevented.

This, in the long run, tends to cut on the costs that are related with medical expenses in attending to the injured individuals, and thus the project will aid in the reduction of the impact that such accidents can have on the environment thus ensuring a safe working environment for the workforce.

One such recommended approach is the PRINCE2 approach as it contains a framework that is clearly defined. This is also the right way to manage the project as it designs ways in which the project can be made to work in case it does not go well in terms of the people and the resources involved. 2Critically examine the human resource issues you anticipate during the life of the project, highlighting all the problems likely to be encountered as a project manager. 25 Marks The human resource requirements of this project are very rigorous as it deals with a very delicate matter which is the life of individuals.

Thus there are bound to be a couple of issues that as a project manager one would encounter in the life of the project. One of the main issues is the expensive and the draining of resource turnover. This means that hiring of a new workforce each and every time could prove to be expensive to the organisation, and also the draining of the workforce due to layoffs and retirements is also expensive to the workforce in terms of training of the new workforce that has to be put in place to replace the old one.

The use of hit and miss practices of hiring new workers is also another challenge that project managers face in their day to day activities within the organisation. This is normally a case where some of the workers that are hired are not qualified enough or even competent enough to do the work that is required of them in an effective manner.

High levels of absenteeism is also another problem that as a manager one would face in this project and this would tend to reduce the effectiveness of this project as high levels of absenteeism will tend to lower the productivity of the organisation, and thus the project. Low levels of motivation within the workforce is also another problem that a project manager would encounter in this project and this would make the project not to be as successful as it would if it had a more motivated workforce that was willing to do its duties in a more committed manner.

Sufficient training of the workforce is one of the solutions that can help in mitigating such issues as well as high quality of leadership.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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