Essays on Human Resource Management Strategies in Practice Assignment

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The paper “ Human Resource Management Strategies in Practice” is a thoughtful example of the assignment on human resources. The answer is - The linkage between human resource and firm performance dominates most of the literature debate within the literature on Human resources since the mid-1990s. Despite much researches conducted on the same, paradigm to help uncover a set of high-performance or commitment work practices focusing on aligning HRM strategies well with organizational strategies to create superior firm performance the relationship is still broad on the side of human resources (Warner, 2007).

In increasing the organization’ s performance, HR is therefore with a big responsibility of propelling the organization to success. Therefore, he or she should gather enough information to help the organization strategize on the progress. Out rightly, it is arguable that reading the newspaper and business journals might help the managers become more effective in their operations with the HR department. In looking at what reading the newspaper and business journals may help for an HR as increasing his or her effectiveness, it is crucial to look into the roles that HR plays within the organization.

The largest part of the HR department's role in many organizations is the ‘ administrative expert. ’ This is a process-orientated in a day-to-day operation focus, which is why the manager should have the information at hand on how to manage the same. Managing the firm infrastructure is not an easy task if HR does not have adequate skills to do the same (Warner, 2007). The other crucial role is the process-orientated role of a ‘ strategic partner’ , future-focused, and mainly based on the strategic management of the employees and aligning strategies of HRM with business strategy.

These are the roles, which HR has to perform in the daily duties that newspapers and journals contribute to heavily. With such an understanding, it is now possible to look into what reading the business journals or newspapers may contribute to increasing this effectiveness. Newspapers and business journals are significant sources of management skills and expertise. From this knowledge acquired through these sources, the HR can increase the ability to operate within his roles and diverse forms of management.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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