Essays on Learning and Development Function in the Premier Hotel Case Study

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The paper "Learning and Development Function in the Premier Hotel " is a great example of a management case study.   The report analyzes the problems associated with the learning and development function in The Premier hotel faces and looks to provide alternatives and chooses the best one which will help to reduce the risk and ensure that the business is able to carry out its functions and gain effectiveness. Current Situation The Premier which is one of the most renowned hotels in England is facing different issues related to learning and development due to the inefficiency of the staff to deliver superior performance.

This has been matched by the fact that the roles within the organization are shared which has further complicated the issues as fixation of responsibility has become difficult. The overall effect has been such that the brand name of the hotel has fallen and requires dealing with the issues so that the hotel is able to regain its lost image and looks to provide services of the highest standards. Identifying the Problems The present situation which The Premier hotel is facing highlights the following problems being faced Increase in the number of complaints being made by the customers as the staff employed by the hotel is unable to understand the customer needs which has led to an increase in the number of dissatisfied customers Staff attitude towards the customer is indifferent as they don’ t look to treat customers with dignity and has thereby affected their quality of service Lack of proper training and development to the staff has resulted in the hiring of inefficient staff who are unable to deliver the required duties based on the standards which are required Sharing of roles as both the personnel and learning and development manager is the same which thereby reduces focus and results in the improper delivery standards Lack of standards within the hotel which will determine the minimum level based on which the employees have will have to deliver at the required standards leading to dilution of work and creates a false impression about the quality of work. Generating Alternative The Premier hotel to improve its effectiveness and to ensure that the following alternatives are generated Develop a training program which is specific towards customers satisfaction and needs so that the employees within the organization undergo the required training and are able to bring a change in their attitude through which better service standards can be achieved Differentiating between the role of the personnel manager and the learning and development manager so that the focus of the manager improves on the job which they have been entrusted and will thereby help to improve the final result.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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