Essays on The Grand Renaissance Corridor and The Water Winter Wonderland Assignment

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The paper "The Grand Renaissance Corridor and The Water Winter Wonderland" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. According to the project report, Michigan has been dependent on the auto industries. With the upcoming changes, there is a need to shift from current major focus areas. Global warming has been raised as the main issue in the proposal. This is the main key, based on which the shift is needed. The primary viewpoint presented in this project is that- If the focus is not shifted, there will be a decline in the economy. The shift should be towards developing other existing industries Focusing on communication and information technology. As per the project proposal, it will gain the advantage of the government policies towards encouraging high technology businesses. Evaluation of the proposal The proposal is based on the fact that automobile is the main industry in Michigan and it is going to decline.

The major cause for that is the issue of Global Warming. Of course, is a big challenge in front of us. There has been a joint declaration issued by the national science academies of Brazil Canada, China, England, France, Germany, India Italy, Japan, Russia, and United States in June 2005 which says that global warming has reached an alarming stage and – “ that delayed action will increase the risk of adverse environmental effects and will likely incur a greater cost. ” [Source: “ Joint Science Academies Statement: Global Response to Climate Change, ” June 2005] This seems to agree with the given proposal.

However, if we look at the data of industries in Michigan, we may find some discrepancies. Michigan’ s official economic development and travel site(www. michigan. org) says that Michigan is a leader in automobile manufacturing.

It also has a large plastic industry. This is also linked with the automotive industry. But apart from this, Michigan is also home to baby food, cereals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machine tools, and a huge office furniture system. It also mentions the presence of the Life Sciences sector. There is enough research facility available as well. Agriculture and food production is also a well-established industry there. While establishing the need for moving away from the auto industry and quickly look at other industries that can be developed, it cites The Life Sciences corridor, but it finds it this an overlapping industry with other neighboring states and sees no point in overcrowding the same.

This seems to be a valid point. The proposal points to the need to look at the other areas that Michigan already has like - financial and life insurance, education, medicine located along the old grand river. This is supported by the data on the Michigan official site. Now communication and information industries are also coming up in these areas.

This shows healthy overall growth. The base of existing industries is enhanced by adding new technologies. High technology is attracting everybody.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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