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SummaryThe paper will try to analyse Hilton Hotels in tow different countries that is Hilton Hotel in Kenya and Hilton Hotel in US. This is because it is an international hotel hence needs to know how the business is run, the various products available in these hotels, Hr aspects and the marketing and management issues. IntroductionThe Hilton industry has been recognized due to the provision of quality services plus preeminent destinations to most of its travellers hence providing such an outstanding services to most of their guests plus also promising careers to most of their team members.

You find that Hilton has offered so many career opportunities to most of the people in the many countries whereby we have the Hilton branches hence it is a leading employer and a good example is in Kenya. (Boniface, 2000). Company overviewHilton Hotels corporations are one of the leading companies in the world. It is a global hotel in that it has so many hotels ranging from 2,800 hotels in 76 countries over the world whereby in all these countries, there are 480,000 rooms.

The Hilton hotel also own and manages hotel portfolios for most of the highly known and also recognized brands which some of them may include Hilton®, Hilton Garden Inn ® among other recognized brands in the world. Hilton motto is to fill the world with the warmth of hospitality. The company has been in a position to be recognized all over the world since it put a unique brand name of most of its services hence leading for the industry to be well known that is the “ be hospitable ®. This brand is shared by the Hilton hotels all over the country.

The philosophy is also shared by all its brands in the Hilton family of hotels. Through the paper, am going to try and analyze Hilton Hotels in Kenya and in America and try to see some of the differences and similarities in their products, HR aspects, marketing plus the management issues in the two countries? (Ianni, 2003). Hilton hotels in Kenya and USHilton hotels are diversified in most of the developed countries hence meaning that it is one of the most hospitable hotel industries which is known by so many people.

It also has some branches in the developing countries like Kenya so am going to try and analyze the differences and the similarities in the management of the hotel hotels in these two countries. Now let’s look at the similarities. (Ianni, 2003). Hotel productsMany products are offered in both hotels. For example in Kenya, Hilton hotel which is located 5km from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. It provides the business plus the leisure markets with a superb selection of facilities.

There are so many accommodation facilities as per the standards of the international hotels around the world. All the rooms are well conditioned and have also a satellite TV so that most of the visitors since most of them come from different countries can have access to the news hence can capture the happening around the globe. They also have electronic safes for most of the visitors so that they belongings can be safe, electronic locks are also provided, hair driers and mini bar so that the visitors can make use of them when they come in to such hotels.

So it is as per the standards of the international hotels to make sure that all these facilities are provided for the customers who visit such hotels. (Ianni, 2003).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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