Essays on Planning and Design of Hospitality Facilities Case Study

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The paper "Planning and Design of Hospitality Facilities" is a perfect example of a Management Case Study. This report will analyze and assess the hospitality industry in the City West and analysis of the market opportunities that exist in the hospitality sector in this area. The report will provide the current statistics and the current gaps in the hospitality sector with an objective to offer a plan and design of the hospitality facilities. The current hospitality sector offers services to tourists, business people, and local residents and for the office workers. Thus the hospitality industry in City West has a mix of accommodation, cafes and restaurants, pubs, taverns and bars, and hospitality clubs.

The accommodation sector caters mainly for 70% of tourists who visit Sydney and for the business people who visit from metropolitan Sydney city and will need accommodation. Accommodation services make 26% of all the hospitality income generated from 23% of the number of hospitality businesses. The cafes and restaurants contributed to 25% of all the income from the hospitality industry and their number was 55% of the number of businesses.

The cafes and restaurants served the residents as well as those who went to the city for business and shopping. Pubs, Taverns and Bars contributed to 29% of the hospitality income. This is mainly from a combination of residents and visitors from metropolitan Sydney who visit City West for business and need a recreation facility later in the day. The residents of Sydney young at an age group that recreates on weekends and especially since most of them do not have family commitments. The Hospitality clubs make 8% of the businesses and providing for an income of 20% of the hospitality income.

This again was from the residents as well as the international visitors who come to Sidney. The total number of businesses in the hospitality industry is 25448 generating an income of $38, 451 million. Market Opportunities, Competition gaps. The likely competition for any new development in this are would come from the already existing hospitality businesses in this area. They are already widely spread and cover almost all areas of the hospitality industry. There are already businesses that already exist in this area.

These businesses have already established a customer base and this will be a challenge for the new business. However, existing hotels are offering similar services. Sydney is a city that means the settings for these hotels are a city setting. Though the buildings that host these businesses are exquisite and appealing to the eye, they all have the similarity in that they all have a city setting. The city of Sydney receives international visitors. The city also receives quite a number of visitors from Metropolitan Sydney for shopping purposes, for entertainment and recreation, for business transactions and for learning purposes.

The city is home to many offices and most of these office workers reside within the city. This provides for the market for the existing hospitality businesses in the city. The expected growth in businesses will mean potential increased marketability for the hospitality industry. Another reason that may contribute to a possible market is the diversity of residents in this city. Most of the residents earn a reasonable income which they can spend on recreation. A big number of the residents are not married and this can be interpreted to mean that they have no family commitments, meaning a high expendable income.

The city has a mixture of cultures, from foreign destinations to the Aborigines. There are university and college students who reside within the city, as well as those who commute from the neighboring metropolitan Sydney. This means that the students will need low-cost recreation facilities. The low-cost recreation facility will also cater to the residents who are earning less than $200 per week.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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