Essays on A Need for Every Business to Incorporate a Training and Development Strategies Research Paper

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The paper “ A Need for Every Business to Incorporate a Training and Development Strategies” is a meaningful example of the research paper on human resources. Training involves a behavior modification that is normally carried out in a formal and systematic manner. It is as a result of planned experience, instruction, and education. Training and development play a big role in the achievement of organizational goals. Most of these goals are normally long term in nature. Training is part of the strategic framework of organizations. It produces a comprehensive and coherent plan that helps in developing employees and other stakeholders in organizations. When a business incorporates training and development therein, it acquires a competitive advantage over the other businesses.

This is because the intellectual capital in the business is greatly developed. In fact employees in an organization get an opportunity to improve their skills in their areas of specialization. This paper will therefore expound on various aspects of the experiences of training. This includes reasons why this topic was chosen, why it attracts policymakers, agencies, and stakeholders. It will also expound on concepts and theories that relate to training experiences.

Hypotheses will be included. The paper will further show the methodology that was used for this study. The results will be presented, analyzed, and finally conclusion drawn. Why the topic? There are various reasons as to why this topic was chosen. One of the reasons is that training has been embraced in very many organizations in the global arena. Training is also known to have played a very big role in the success witnessed by very many organizations in the business sector. It is an aspect that has helped organizations that were on the verge of collapsing to have a competitive advantage over their competitors.

(Baldwin, 1988)This topic was chosen because it touches across the board. The results of this research will play a very big role in helping many managers make strategic decisions that relate to training. It was quite important to carry out research on the experiences of training since the topic involves the complexity of factors that need to be critically analyzed. (Bassi, 1999)

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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