Essays on Auspace Limited - Investing in India, Brazil and South Africa Case Study

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The paper "Auspace Limited - Investing in India, Brazil and South Africa" is a perfect example of a business case study. Auspace Limited is a Company in Mitchell, in the state of Australia. In 2007, Auspace joined the nova group of companies. The company brought on board a unique blend of expertise, skills and capabilities. Their main business areas are products for communication, for example, satellite communication, earth terminals, electro-optic instruments and training military modems. The company comprises of 30 members of staff and have attained revenue of AU$5,000,000. The company is mainly concerned with communication and its instruments and the enhancement of communication networks.

The company’ s main activities in satellite communications are becoming a very important aspect of the current communication. Auspace Limited has an Auspace gateway, this is a new technology, which has proved to be best in tracking systems and provide visibility to all remote workers every time. This technology combines both cellular convoy-tracking systems with the satellite tracking system. Its focus is on solving technical targets and provide solutions that are independent and effective and of low cost.

It provides support from the beginning of the business case, set it to a business model, and brings to the attention of the owners. They help in the process until when the company is well set and functional  (Auspace). The other service they provide is the training of military staff on their modems. This is provided to the government to aid in communication between the military staff. Auspace would provide a designed modem to a different section of the military. Auspfce Limited also provides services on space systems and electro-optic instruments. The company provides space systems mostly to the military department and ensures that the systems are well maintained, and its functionality is optimum.

In electro-optic instruments, the company uses some power source to fabricate an image of an object through magnification, enlightenment  and also thermal imaging.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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