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The paper "Dell Company and Product Analysis" is a perfect example of a business case study. This report describes the position of Dell in the current market. Dell seeks to export computers to the East African market as a process of getting serious with doing business globally. Dell’ s competitive advantage is known as the direct model, that is, cost-effective, faster and friendly in manufacturing and distributing its products. In addition, the SWOT analysis has been conducted for Dell showing its major strength being the direct model of distribution. Its major weakness is the lack of a better relationship with institutions in East Africa.

Additionally, a number of market trends have been discussed including the decreasing demand for PCs. Several competitors for Dell have also been discussed, and their strengths have been described. The global market search has been conducted, and Kenya has been viewed as a perfect market due to the growing number of institutions and informed computer purchases. Other management strategies have also been discussed where the four major entry strategies have been reviewed. These are partnerships/alliances, direct exportation, use of agents, and use of retailers and wholesalers.

The major distribution strategy that was recommended was the direct model used by Dell. Moreover, the cultural strategy has been reviewed showing the cultural patterns in Kenya that include language, cultural background and religion. Finally, corporate social responsibility has been discussed following the market strategy that recommends the use of online advertisement, using television and radio as the marketing mix. 2.0 Introduction Doing business in a foreign market is a move that has been prioritized by large companies with the ambition to go global which becomes an adventurous experience with its own benefits.

Market diversification is one benefit of exporting products to new foreign markets. Dell will have a wide market base by exporting its products to East Africa in comparison to doing business locally. Through exportation, Dell will create the opportunity for higher profits, and hence the company is likely to grow rapidly.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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