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The paper "E-Commerce and Internet Marketing" is a wonderful example of an assignment on e-commerce. The international market is an immensely competitive market as it is perceived as being an open market. Thus, for surviving the stiff competition, it is imperative for the governments to support the companies through various favorable policies and procedures which help in encouraging trade and commerce with other companies, benefitting the businesses as well as the economy of the country. However, it is also to be understood that goods exported/imported should be protected from damages as well otherwise it would result in huge losses for the companies.

There might be various reasons that may result in damaging the goods, which include freight getting thrown, lifted or damaged while unloading during the customs inspections. Meanwhile, the exporters/importers may also benefit from the expansion of e-commerce and internet marketing, which offer various benefits for exporters to venture into expanding and operating into newer geographies without the requirements of having a physical presence in the new market. E-commerce helps in connecting exporters and importers world over in a virtual market place and supports in conducting business in a faster and efficient manner by reducing transaction costs.

However, there are various challenges and limitations of using e-commerce as well. Some such challenges include poor infrastructure, lack of proper banking facilities, absence of substantial information on e-commerce and internet marketing, the dearth of experts in the field, and technical issues related to using e-commerce. Do governments play a positive role in influencing the ability of firms to compete internationally or are they a hindrance? The international market is perceived as an open market, which promotes free trade and is immensely competitive.

In order to survive such a competitive environment, it is important for companies to be supported by the governments where they operate their business. Thus, various governments all over the world have been implementing policies and procedures to encourage trade and commerce with other companies, benefitting the businesses as well as the economy of the country.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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