Essays on External and Internal Factors Affecting Consumer's Choices Assignment

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The paper "External and Internal Factors Affecting Consumer's Choices" is a wonderful example of an assignment on marketing. This paper intends to reflect on my two-week consumption choice diary, as from August 6- 19th, 2012. Consumer behavior is normally misunderstood as just essential to bigger and sophisticated organizations. Consumer behavior may teach firms of every size about the patterns of consumption of their customers, and external and internal factors affecting their choices. This paper intends to explore some of the factors with reference to situational factors, value perspectives, consumption perspectives, relationship quality, satisfaction, perception, learning, and memory, motivation and aroused feelings, personality, and the self-concept.

It also intends to use various tables to discuss the aforementioned factors. Situational influences Situational influences on buying decisions include temporal perspectives, social, physical environment, antecedent situations, and task definition. These perspectives may have an effect on consumer’ s decisions, as well as value experienced by a consumer; hence, they are neither features of a specific consumer nor the brand, or product involved. In situational influences of consumer behavior, conditions and time have been recognized as variables influencing consumer behavior, just like in my case.

Moreover, time perspective through changing the manner of processing information determines consumer’ s behavior. According to my consumption choices, the time of the day and year have played a big role. Seasonality or time of the year entails the frequently happening conditions, which differ with time of the year. In relation to my diary of consumer choice, I bought leather boots because of the approaching winter season. This purchase decision was crucial, as the boots would keep me warm from cold, and facilitate my easy movement around campus, in town, and at home. In relation to the time of the day factor, most of the consumers in society attend schools or go to their workplaces almost every week.

As a result, breakfast, lunch, as well as dinner becomes necessary to facilitate their day-to-date activities by giving them energy, satisfaction, and strong health. Additionally, the majority of the consumers also prefer going to the gym in the morning, as they are conscious of their health. In my case, I prefer going to the gym every morning at 6 to 7 o’ clock, because I find it the best way of starting a day.

Exercising in the gym makes me active throughout the day, as well as enhancing my strong health, which in turn improves my positive progress in my studies and other responsibilities. Regarding breakfast, I enjoy breakfast between 7-8 am, which consists of coffee, an apple, an egg, and a toast. I preferred this kind of breakfast, since it is a well-balanced meal, and sustains me on campus until lunch. Moreover, I have coffee every morning because I am a coffee addict.

I also prefer driving myself to school every morning, as it is more convenient as compared to a public means of transport.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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