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The paper "External Environment of Double View Club" is a great example of a case study on marketing. Double View Club was founded in 1958 and has remained one of the most successful clubs after being voted the “ club of the year” in 1991. The club’ s success has been pushed a notch higher with their men’ s team winning premier league division 6 times out of the last 9 metropolitan premierships. In their ranks, the club boasts of various athletes who have represented Australia and WA in international and interstate games. These include Dennis Katunarich and Beryl Godfrey who received a hall of fame from the WA Bowling Association.

The club has various facilities like three turf greens bowling fields, all-weather synthetic/ carpet bowling field, bar, TAB services, well-equipped kitchen/ dining, and relaxed serene environment. Moreover, the club is a venue for hire for those who have weddings, parties, and meetings. The club’ s dining facility can host 220 people seated, BBQ area with a capacity of 70 and meeting room which can cater for 25 to 30 people. The club has numerous commercial sponsors who discounted prices to members and are allowed to advertise on the club grounds. 2.0 Internal Analysis The strength of the organization lies in its vast year of experience that gives them a first-mover advantage and the brand name they have built over the period as a result of being associated with best players, winning men’ s title 6 times out of 9 and being voted the best club of the year in 1991.

In addition, the long years they have taken in the market mean they have the market knowledge and this allows them to know how to formulate winning corporate and business strategy in their industry while being aided with capable management.

The third is that the firm has been able to attract corporate sponsors who offer subsidized rates to members while advertising in their field. This gives them leverage to attract new members who wish to enjoy the services of corporate sponsors at discounted rates. Lastly, the firm has numerous facilities that enable them to diversify and differentiate the services offered apart from bowling. One of their weaknesses is sticking to club membership instead of adopting new approaches like pay per demand so as to increase turnover.

The other is that they have not been innovative enough to attract the younger generation leading to reduced membership as a result of aging. The opportunity they have is that people have become conscious about physical fitness and are likely to enroll in a sports club. Moreover, they can tap into the market segment of the elderly since the sport does not require much physical energy. Thus, they can incorporate physical fitness exercises on top of the bowling.

Moreover, they could expand the scope of the operations so that they have a wing that caters to nonmembers, who would wish to access a social joint while having a nice time watching bowling.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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